Maschinenbau Meisterbetrieb

In der Eller 2
36119 Neuhof
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Company Profile

All the products of Maschinenbau Schleicher are synonymous for sophisticated and reliable technology and are of course of top-notch quality. They are characterized by their proverbial simplicity of handling,  and their low operating and maintenance costs. All our parts are manufactured in-plant. We are your partner for the design, construction and support of car-wash plants and everything that goes along with it.


The premises of master craftsman of engineering Markus Schleicher is located in the center of Germany, near the city of Fulda. The firm was founded as one-man business in 2000 and was initially specialized on commission processing for mechanical engineering.


Maschinenbau Schleicher first entered the market when the firm begann to produce more an more customer specific parts and systems for car-wash plants.


We are dedicated to fabricating products for the car-washing sector that are of supremce quality: robust, easy to maintain, simple and energy-efficient as possible. Our custom-made aggregates predominantly consist of standard components and standard parts. Therefore our customers have reduced expenses in the spare parts supply.


The flat structure in our organization ensures that our firm is very flexible in the range of custom-made products.

We produce the entire range of parts und products for car-wash-systems. This philosophy has the following benefits for you:

- manufacturing and installation of washing units and high-pressure systems

- manufacturing and installation of dryer systems with rollers

- manufacturing and installation of static blowers and blowers with adjustable roof jets

- manufacturing and installation of complete conveyors

- delivery and installation of central vacuum cleaners and self service washplants

- maintenance and service

- custom-made products of steel and stainless steel


The bottom line: We offer individual top-quality custom made car-wash solutions